Interface FlowLogger

All Superinterfaces:
BuildProgressLogger, JUnitLogger, SimpleBuildLogger

public interface FlowLogger
extends BuildProgressLogger

Method Summary
 void disposeFlow()
          Disposes this flow, i.e.
 void startFlow()
          Starts flow explicitly.
Methods inherited from interface jetbrains.buildServer.agent.BuildProgressLogger
activityFinished, activityStarted, activityStarted, buildFailureDescription, flush, getFlowId, getFlowLogger, getThreadLogger, ignoreServiceMessages, internalError, logBuildProblem, logMessage, progressFinished, progressStarted, targetFinished, targetStarted
Methods inherited from interface jetbrains.buildServer.agent.SimpleBuildLogger
error, exception, message, progressMessage, warning
Methods inherited from interface jetbrains.buildServer.agent.JUnitLogger
logComparisonFailure, logSuiteFinished, logSuiteFinished, logSuiteStarted, logSuiteStarted, logTestFailed, logTestFailed, logTestFinished, logTestFinished, logTestIgnored, logTestStarted, logTestStarted, logTestStdErr, logTestStdOut

Method Detail


void startFlow()
Starts flow explicitly. A special message must be sent to TeamCity for each new flow. Usually a flow is started when the first message is logged using this logger, but sometimes there is a need to start flow explicitly. For such cases use this method.



void disposeFlow()
Disposes this flow, i.e. sends a message to server that this flow won't be used anymore. If there were other flow loggers created by this logger, their flows will be disposed too.