Package jetbrains.buildServer.agent

Interface Summary
AgentBuildFeature Represents build feature settings on agent
AgentBuildInfo Initial agent build parameters.
AgentBuildParameters Interface to control build parameters.
AgentBuildRunner Build runner interface

If you are going to implement build runner that runs an OS process, consider implementing CommandLineBuildServiceFactory

In most cases this interface in not needed to be implemented in plugin code.

AgentBuildRunnerInfo Build runner properties
AgentExtension Interface - marker for all of the agent extensions.
AgentLifeCycleListener Agent events listener Calls sequence is the following on build agent start: AgentLifeCycleListener.pluginsLoaded() AgentLifeCycleListener.beforeAgentConfigurationLoaded(BuildAgent) AgentLifeCycleListener.afterAgentConfigurationLoaded(BuildAgent) AgentLifeCycleListener.agentInitialized(BuildAgent) AgentLifeCycleListener.agentStarted(BuildAgent) AgentLifeCycleListener.agentShutdown() Notifications for a build: AgentLifeCycleListener.buildStarted(AgentRunningBuild) AgentLifeCycleListener.sourcesUpdated(AgentRunningBuild) AgentLifeCycleListener.personalPatchApplied(AgentRunningBuild) AgentLifeCycleListener.beforeRunnerStart(BuildRunnerContext) AgentLifeCycleListener.runnerFinished(BuildRunnerContext, BuildFinishedStatus) AgentLifeCycleListener.beforeBuildInterrupted(AgentRunningBuild, BuildInterruptReason) may not be called AgentLifeCycleListener.beforeBuildFinish(AgentRunningBuild, BuildFinishedStatus) AgentLifeCycleListener.personalPatchReverted(AgentRunningBuild) AgentLifeCycleListener.afterAtrifactsPublished(AgentRunningBuild, BuildFinishedStatus) AgentLifeCycleListener.buildFinished(AgentRunningBuild, BuildFinishedStatus) Notifications that could be fired at every moment: AgentLifeCycleListener.messageLogged(AgentRunningBuild, jetbrains.buildServer.messages.BuildMessage1) AgentLifeCycleListener.messageLogged(jetbrains.buildServer.messages.BuildMessage1) You should not implement this interface directly in your code.
AgentPropertiesExtension Implement this interface to provide custom properties for running build.
AgentRunningBuild Represents running build on the agent side
AgentTempDirectories Agent temp factory.
BuildAgentConfiguration Represents configuration of build agent (loaded from file)
BuildAgentSystemInfo Provides information about operating system where agent is installed.
BuildParametersMap This interface provides access to environment variables and system properties only.
BuildProcess In most cases CommandLineBuildServiceFactory is the best possible extension point for build runners that deals with one process.
BuildProgressLogger Logger to use for messages sent to the build log on server.
BuildRunner Deprecated. use AgentBuildRunner
BuildRunnerContext Represents current build runner.
Constants Prefixes for property names used to create build agent requirements and build properties.
CurrentBuildTracker Interface for getting currently running build
DataProcessor Extension point: provide custom data importing.
DataProcessorContext Encapsulates the data for processing importData service message
ReduceTestFailureFeedbackParameters Constants for risk group tests
ResolvedParameters Deprecated.  
ServerProvidedProperties User: kir This interface describes various system properties and environment variables provided by TeamCity to underlying builds.
SmartDirectoryCleaner Clean directory with notifications for files/directories that can not be cleaned up.
SmartDirectoryCleanerCallback Notification callback for SmartDirectoryCleaner

Class Summary
AgentLifeCycleAdapter Base class for agent listeners
BuildDirectoryCleanerCallback Provides build logging build messages for SmartDirectoryCleaner operations under a running build.
BuildInterruptReason Describes build forcibly interruption attempt reason
BuildPostRunnable Deprecated. Use AgentBuildRunner
BuildProcessAdapter Adapter implementation for BuildProcess
ClasspathUtil User: Eugene.Petrenko Date: 13.02.2007 Time: 18:28:18
RuntimeProperties This class holds properties required by Agent runtime part to work.

Enum Summary
BuildFinishedStatus Contains build finish statuses on agent
BuildParameterPolicy Defines the way to transfer build parameter to the build That is build runner implementation where it's decided weather build parameter is transferred to the build process explicitly.

Exception Summary
NoRunningBuildException Information on failure of getting current build (no build currently running or build id mismatch)
ToolCannotBeFoundException Is thrown if some tool cannot be located.