Package jetbrains.buildServer.agent.vcs

Interface Summary
AgentVcsExtension Marker interface for all Vcs on agent facilities.
AgentVcsRegistry Vcs on agent plugins manager.
AgentVcsSupportContext Gives an access to all necessary objects supporting a specific VCS Main interface for Vcs support on agent.
AgentVcsSupportCore Implement this interface for your version control name to provide agent environment check for your vcs plugin.
CheckoutOnAgentVcsSupport Deprecated. use provide several AgentVcsExtension implementations.
IncludeRuleUpdater This interface represents vcs updater.
UpdateByCheckoutRules Deprecated. Use UpdateByCheckoutRules2 instead
UpdateByCheckoutRules2 Implement this interface to support agent side vcs checkout if you want to process CheckoutRules yourself.
UpdateByIncludeRules Deprecated. use UpdateByIncludeRules2 instead
UpdateByIncludeRules2 This is a simplest way to implement agent side checkout.
UpdatePolicy Base interface for different vcs update policies.

Class Summary
AgentVcsSupport Default implementation of AgentVcsSupportContext.