Package jetbrains.buildServer.controllers

Interface Summary
AjaxRequestProcessor.RequestHandler Actual request handler
AuthorizationInterceptor Interceptor which checks authorization for all of the HTTP requests.
FormUtil.FormCreator<T> Form bean factory
RequestPermissionsChecker Checks that currently logged in authority is allowed to execute the specified request.
StatefulObject Represents an object which is able to track its state changes.

Class Summary
ActionErrors A storage for various errors that can occur during web controllers execution.
ActionErrors.Error Represents an error
ActionMessage Represents an action message.
ActionMessages Storage for various messages (success messages, information messages and so on).
AjaxRequestProcessor Request processor for handling AJAX requests.
BaseController Base class for all of the TeamCity web controllers
BaseFormXmlController Controller which output is xml in case of POST request and usual response in case of GET.
BasePopupController Base class for all controllers serving AJAX popups.
BasePropertiesBean This form bean contains a map of properties and tracks its state.
CompositeStatefulObject User: kir Composite state object
FileUploadController User: vbedrosova Date: 19.05.2010 Time: 15:20:30
FormUtil Utility methods for working with Java beans representing web forms on the server side.
PublicKeyUtil Utility class containing various methods used by controllers when working with server RSA public key.
RememberState An object which is able to track state of its fields and fields of its ancestors marked by StateField annotation.
SimpleView Helper class to create Model and View for a given string.
XmlResponseUtil Utility class containing a set of useful methods for controllers producing XML responses (in particular for controllers processing AJAX requests).

Exception Summary
BuildNotFoundException Thrown if build does not exist.

Annotation Types Summary