Package jetbrains.buildServer.issueTracker.errors

Exception Summary
ConfigurationException Exception is thrown when the issue tracker is not configured correctly.
ConnectionException Exception indicates a general connection failure with the issue tracker.
ForbiddenException Exception is thrown when the requestor is not authorized to retrieve the issue.
IssueTrackerErrorException Exception is thrown in case of issue tracker server failure.
NotFoundException Exception is thrown when certain issue cannot be found in the issue tracker.
ProxyAuthorizationException Similar to UnauthorizedException this exception indicated an authorization problem particularly with the proxy server.
RequestTimeoutException Exception indicates that the request was not performed within certain timeout.
RetrieveIssueException General superclass of all issue retrieve exceptions.
UnauthorizedException Exception is thrown when the request requires user authentication.
UnsupportedException Exception is thrown when TeamCity failed to parse or understand the response from the issue tracker, or the issue tracker failed to understand the request from TeamCity.