Package jetbrains.buildServer.issueTracker

Interface Summary
AbstractIssueFetcher.BatchFetchFunction An interface represents an action of fetching in a batch.
AbstractIssueFetcher.CacheKeyFunction The cache key function.
AbstractIssueFetcher.FetchFunction An interface represents an action of actual issue fetching.
CommentTransformationHelper Represents the class intended to provide all information needed for comment transformation.
Issue Represents an issue from the issue-tracking system.
IssueBatchProviderSupport Holds an API related to batch issue fetching support.
IssueFetcher Represents a fetcher interface: a helper entity responsible only for fetching (downloading) the issue data from a remote server.
IssueProvider Represents the provider of issues from the issues-tracking system (ITS).
IssueProviderFactory Represents a factory for issue provider creation.
IssueTestConnectionSupport This instance of this class is responsible for testing the connection to the issue tracker, i.e.

Class Summary
AbstractIssueFetcher Represents the issue fetcher used by AbstractIssueProvider.
AbstractIssueProvider Represents a default implementation of IssueProvider interface.
AbstractPrefixBasedIssueProvider A custom implementation of the provider for a specific case when issue ids are like "FOO-123", for instance JIRA and YouTrack.
ErrorDetails Holds the error details of an unsuccessful fetch attempt.
IssueData Represents the class for the data fetched from the issue-tracker.
IssueMention Represents the mention of the issue in a comment.