Package jetbrains.buildServer.notification

Interface Summary
MessageSender Simple messenger extension point.
NotificationContext Contains the context data of the notification.
NotificationEventListener Notification processor event listener.
NotificationRule Presents one notification rule.
NotificationRulesHolder Represents the holder of notification rules.
NotificationRulesListener<T> Notification rules changes listener.
NotificationRulesManager Manages user notification rules.
Notificator Custom notificator interface.
NotificatorRegistry Notificator plugins registry.
TemplateMessageBuilder.MuteScopeBean Represents a bean for providing mode scope related data to the FreeMarker template.
TemplateMessageBuilder.UnmuteModeBean Represents a bean for providing unmute mode related data to the FreeMarker template.
TemplateProcessor A processor of template model.
UserGroupNotificationRulesManager Manages group notification rules.
WatchedBuilds Describes notification rule watched builds configuration

Class Summary
AbstractTemplatesLoader<T> Deprecated. since 5.1.
NotificatorAdapter Simple Notificator implementation.
Template Deprecated. since 5.1.
TemplateConfig<T> Deprecated. since 5.1.
TemplateMessageBuilder Rewritten by Maxim Podkolzine (

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
DuplicateNotificationRuleException Thrown when the same notification rule already exists.