Package jetbrains.buildServer.parameters.impl

Interface Summary
MapContextVariables Variables provider backed by a map of name-value pairs
ParametersInOut.ParametersProviderFactory Deprecated. Use base interface
SingleValueProvider Utility interface to be used in DynamicVariablesProvider construction

Class Summary
AbstractMapParametersProvider Created by Eugene Petrenko ( Date: 14.06.11 20:01
AliasParametersProvider Allows to find a parameter by both its original key and alias key.
CaseInsensitiveParametersProvider Deprecated. see jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.CaseInsensitiveBuildParams
ChainResolver Resolver that uses following resolvers only after the value was fully resolved by their predecessors.
CompositeParametersProviderImpl Simple CompositeParametersProvider implementation
CompositeResolver Resolver that will try to apply any of the stored resolvers.
DelegatingParametersProvider Parameters Provider implementation that delegates to a given map.
DynamicContextVariables A variable provider that provides values using SingleValueProvider
MapParametersProviderImpl Simple implementation of MapParametersProvider
ParametersInOut A set of unresolved/resolved parameters to be used during parameters resolution.
ParametersInOutList List of ParametersInOuts with utility methods.
ParametersResolverUtil Utility class for generic parameters resolution algorithm.
PrefixedParametersProvider Creates a provider that exposes all the key-value pairs of the backing provider, with the keys prefixed with a prefix.
ProcessingResultImpl Stores the result of a value resolution.
ReferenceResolver Replaces all %parameter_name% strings in value (where "parameter_name" is found in parameters as key) for corresponding value from parameters.