Package jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.artifacts

Interface Summary
ArtifactsGuard Artifacts guard provides hierarchical read/write locking while accessing artifacts.
BuildArtifact Represents build artifact file
BuildArtifactHolder Created Eugene Petrenko ( date: 19.04.11
BuildArtifacts Provides API to access build artifacts with respect to permission checking and artifacts locking
BuildFinder Represents build finder - utility class which is able to find build by some characteristics in specified build configuration.
RevisionRuleBuildFinders Provides build finders for artifact dependency revision rules.

Class Summary
ArtifactsInfo Deprecated. use @{link SBuild#getAtrifacts()}

Enum Summary
BuildArtifacts.BuildArtifactsProcessor.Continuation Describes how iteration should be continued
BuildArtifactsViewMode Represent build artifacts view mode

Exception Summary
BuildArtifactNotFoundException This exception is thrown if artifact was not found