Package jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.userChanges

Interface Summary

Class Summary
CanceledInfo Contains information about canceled build
PersonalChangeDescriptor Contains minimal information about personal change.
PersonalChangeInfo Provides whole information about personal change
UserChangesPolicy Policy to collect build changes.
A few words on terminology: Build change is "suspicious" if some build with the change is failed but yet not fixed. Change is "running", if some build with the change is currently running. Change is "pending", if some configuration hasn't been run yet since the change was made. "Active days" - days, when any changes to certain configuration have been made.

Enum Summary
PreTestedCommitType Type of pre-tested commit.
NO_COMMIT_DEBUG_SESSION - Do not commit change, debug session flag
NONE - Do not commit change
COMMIT_IF_SUCCESSFUL - Commit change if build is successful
COMMIT_IF_NO_NEW_FAILURES - Commit change if no new failures (e.g.