Annotation Type ExcludedFromAutowiring

public @interface ExcludedFromAutowiring

Use this annotation in the bean implementation class to make base interfaces of the bean be ignored from default Spring autowiring.
Let's consider an example:

      /      \
   BaseImpl   \
Here IBase and IChild are interface, BaseImpl and MegaImpl are implementation classes. Once you register BaseImpl and MegaImpl as Spring beans you need to make either BaseImpl or MegaImpl as autowire-candidate='false'
We are likely to make Spring autowire BaseImpl to all dependencies that require IBase and to autowire MegaImpl to all dependencies that require IChild. This would simplify runtime dependencies of the application
Sill, the only possible solution with autowire-candidate='false' is to make Spring autowire MegaImpl for all IChild and IBase dependencies.
It is also possible to use primary='true' in BaseImpl declaration, in order to implement right behaviour, but this approach does not scale to the case you need to have more than 2 bean implementations (i.e. we have MegaMegaImpl and IChildChild)
To use the annotation you need to add it to MegaImpl to declare it should not be autowired for IBase interface dependency.
For more details on Spring see the doc

Maxim.Manuylov, Eugene.Petrenko Dante: 23.10.12

Required Element Summary
 java.lang.Class<?>[] types
          Types for which the annotated bean should not be an autowire candidate

Element Detail


public abstract java.lang.Class<?>[] types
Types for which the annotated bean should not be an autowire candidate

array of interfaces