Interface CurrentVersionIsExpensiveVcsSupport


public interface CurrentVersionIsExpensiveVcsSupport

Marker interface. If VcsSupport implements it collectBuildChanges for any current version will be called. Current version will be got from the last modification. Otherwise collectBuildChanges will be called with 2 versions - previous one and returned from getCurrentVersion.

Method Summary
 java.util.List<ModificationData> collectBuildChanges(VcsRoot root, java.lang.String fromVersion, CheckoutRules checkoutRules)
          Deprecated. Returns list of the changes from the given one to current moment.

Method Detail


java.util.List<ModificationData> collectBuildChanges(VcsRoot root,
                                                     java.lang.String fromVersion,
                                                     CheckoutRules checkoutRules)
                                                     throws VcsException
Returns list of the changes from the given one to current moment.

root - current settings.
fromVersion - collect changes from this version.
checkoutRules - checkout rules built on union of all checkout rules of all configurations connected to the root. Include rules have 'from' part the same as 'to' one so you can don't map file paths according to include rules.
list of changes between specified versions.
VcsException - throw this exception if some problem occurred while collecting changes or changes cannot be collected because of invalid configuration. Localized message will be shown on the web page for the corresponding project