Class VcsRootInstanceEntry

  extended by jetbrains.vcs.api.VcsSettings
      extended by jetbrains.buildServer.vcs.VcsRootEntry
          extended by jetbrains.buildServer.vcs.VcsRootInstanceEntry
All Implemented Interfaces:
jetbrains.buildServer.log.Loggable, VcsDataObject

public class VcsRootInstanceEntry
extends VcsRootEntry

Constructor Summary
VcsRootInstanceEntry(VcsRootInstance vcsRoot, CheckoutRules checkoutRules)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getSignature()
          Returns signature of this VCS root entry.
 VcsRootInstance getVcsRoot()
          Get VCS Root, associated with these settings.
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getCheckoutRules, toString
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Constructor Detail


public VcsRootInstanceEntry(@NotNull
                            VcsRootInstance vcsRoot,
                            CheckoutRules checkoutRules)
Method Detail


public VcsRootInstance getVcsRoot()
Description copied from class: VcsSettings
Get VCS Root, associated with these settings.

getVcsRoot in class VcsSettings


public java.lang.String getSignature()
Description copied from class: VcsRootEntry
Returns signature of this VCS root entry. Signature is a string composed of vcs root id, vcs root properties and checkout rules. This signature uniquely identifies VCS root entry settings and can be used as a key in various caches.

getSignature in class VcsRootEntry
signature of the VCS root entry.