Package jetbrains.buildServer.vcs

Interface Summary
BuildPatchByCheckoutRules This patch building policy implies using CheckoutRules for narrowing scope of source files.
BuildPatchByIncludeRule Deprecated.  
BuildPatchByIncludeRules This patch building policy implies using IncludeRule for narrowing scope of source files.
BuildPatchPolicy Base interface for different patch building policies.
BuildTypeChangeStatus This interface provides information about status of a change in a particular build configuration.
ChangeStatus Holds the details data related to a single change.
ChangeStatusProvider Provides change status for VCS modification.
CollectChangesBetweenRepositories Policy for collecting changes between repositories
CollectChangesByCheckoutRules This collecting changes policy implies using CheckoutRules for narrowing scope of monitored files within the VCS repository.
CollectChangesByIncludeRules This change collecting policy implies using IncludeRule for narrowing scope of monitored files.
CollectChangesPolicy Base interface for different change collecting policies.
CollectRepositoryChangesByCheckoutRules Policy for collecting repository changes by checkout rules
CollectRepositoryChangesPolicy Allows collecting changes for whole repository
CurrentVersionIsExpensiveVcsSupport Deprecated.  
IncludeRuleChangeCollector Handles change collecting portions corresponding to Include Rules.
IncludeRulePatchBuilder Handles patch building portions corresponding to Include Rules.
LabelingSupport To offer a labeling for a VCS support the developer must implement this interface.
ListDirectChildrenPolicy Policy that lists only direct children of specified directory
ListFilesPolicy Base interface for different list files policies.
MergedVcsModificationInfo Merged information about vcsModification and it's duplicates
Modification Basic information about a modification - a named set of changes in particular files, made by a single user.
ReverseCollectChangesByCheckoutRules Collecting of changes by checkout rules from a given version back to the past
ReverseCollectionChangesPolicy Policy to collect changes from a given time to the past.
ReverseCollectionChangesPolicyBase<TState> Collecting of changes checkout rules from a given version back to the past This is a base interface.
ReverseCollectRepositoryChangesByCheckoutRules Collecting of changes by checkout rules from a given version back to the past
RootMerger Deprecated. since 7.1, you no longer need to implement this interface
SVcsModification Server side vcs modification class.
SVcsRoot Server side class for the vcs root.
UrlSupport API for VCS URL recognition.
VcsChangeInfo Presents information about file change in version control modification
VcsExtension A marker interface to designate a VCS-related extension.
VcsFileContentProvider Provides file content operations for the underlying VCS
VcsFileModification The behavioral representation of VcsChangeInfo
VcsManager A basic starting point for various VCS - related operations, including, but not limited to: VcsSupport management (add your VCS support here!) Obtain file contents Create/Edit VCS root, check its status Find committers between particular builds
VcsModification VcsModification object describes a single commit of a user made to particular VCS.
VcsModificationHistory Operates with stored modification entries.
VcsPersonalSupport Any change for RemoteRun/Pre-Tested commit is represented in full path format.
VcsRegistry This interface represents API for obtaining VCS plugins implementations
VcsRoot Contains configuration settings of a configured version control root.
VcsRootInstance Represents instance of VCS root settings (i.e.
VcsRootsUpdate Vcs root registry.
VcsSupportConfig Provides configuration information for a VCS support implementation
VcsSupportContext Gives an access to all necessary objects supporting a specific VCS
VcsSupportCore The entry point for custom VCS support API

Class Summary
AbstractPatchBuilder Implements general functionality to implement PatchBuilder.
BaseModificationData This class contains all necessary information to be sent via XmlRpc to remote client about TeamCity version control modification
ChangeStatusListBuilder Object builds a ChangeStatus list from list of SVcsModification according to specified settings (e.g.
ChangeStatusListBuilder.Id Unique id of VCS modification.
CheckoutRules Contains a number of rules how to layout project sources on agent side.
FileRule<ParentRules extends FileRuleSet>  
FileRuleSet<IncludeRuleClass extends FileRule,ExcludeRuleClass extends FileRule>  
FilteredVcsChange Represents changed file and its status in change: whether it included or excluded by checkout rules.
IncludeRule Being used in checkout rules, contains source (from) part and to (destination) part
ModificationData Bean object to represent modification happened to the version control as reported by version control integration plugin.
PatchBuilderFileNamesCorrector Service class, helps to build patches and do not map full file path to relative path in agent working direcotory
RepositoryStateData Represents repository state of changes collection.
ReverseChangeCollectionResult<TVersion> This class represents result of change collection Created 28.02.13 13:22
ServerVcsSupport Base class for all VCS support implementations.
VcsChange Presents change of one file on the modification
VcsClientMapping This class represents a mapping between some VCS path in some repository to target path.
VcsFileData Represents a single file in VCS with a mark whether this file is a directory.
VcsItem This class represents a named item in some directory, which can be either directory or file.
VcsModificationData This class contains all necessary information to be sent via XmlRpc to remote client about TeamCity version control modification
VcsRootEntry A pair of VcsRoot and associated CheckoutRules.
VcsRootScope Represents scope of VCS root.
VcsRootStatus Current status of vcs root
SCHEDULED - scheduled for checking, in queue
STARTED - is being checking now
FINISHED - not scheduled yet
VcsSupport Deprecated. implement ServerVcsSupport instead
VcsSupportUtil Set of useful methods which can be used in the implementation of VcsSupportContext
VcsSupportUtil.DateVersionComparator Deprecated. Use base class instead
VcsSupportUtil.IntVersionComparator Deprecated. Use base class instead
VcsSupportUtil.StringVersionComparator Deprecated. Use base class instead
VcsUtil Various utility methods for VcsRoot

Enum Summary
FilteredVcsChange.ExcludeReason Exclude reason
VcsChangeInfo.ContentType Type of file content requested for file change
VcsChangeInfo.Type Type of file change
VcsRootStatus.Type Possible statuses.

Exception Summary
DuplicateVcsRootNameException Thrown when VcsRoot with a specified name already exists.
IncrementalPatchImpossibleException This exception indicates that the requested incremental patch for the specified version cannot be constructed for some reason.
ScopeCannotBeChangedException Thrown if VCS root scope cannot be changed to the specified value
UnknownVcsException Thrown after attempt to create vcs root for non-existing vcs.
VcsException Exception is thrown when some problem occurred while processing vcs request.
VcsFileNotFoundException Exception is thrown during requesting some VCS file operation when the target file isn't found.
VcsRootNotFoundException Thrown if VCS root does not exist
VcsRootUsedException Thrown if VCS root cannot be removed because it is used by one or more build configuration
VcsRootVcsException VcsException that is associated with Vcs Root, mostly used in server