Package jetbrains.buildServer.web.openapi

Interface Summary
ControllerAction Represents a simple action which can be called by HTTP.
CustomTab Represents custom tab, see SimpleCustomTab Use SimpleCustomTab as base class
Groupable Interface provides the group name of a custom tab.
PageExtension Represents page extension, see SimplePageExtension Use SimplePageExtension as base class.
PagePlace Identifies a place on the page that can be extended with plugins
PagePlaces Allows to search for a PagePlace
PluginDescriptor Represents all information about plugin.
ServerSummary This class contains server's general summary information, available from any jsp and placed in the request context under name 'serverSummary'.
WebControllerManager Plugin web controllers manager
WebExtension Deprecated. see PageExtension and CustomTab
WebResourcesManager Deprecated.

Class Summary
BuildInfoFragmentTab User: kir This is helper class for web extension point PlaceId.BUILD_RESULTS_FRAGMENT
BuildTab User: kir A web extension for tabs on the build page
ChangeDetailsExtension Base class for change details extensions PlaceId.CHANGE_DETAILS_BLOCK and PlaceId.CHANGED_FILE_LINK
PlaceId Page place identifier points to a place on a number of pages where a PageExtension content should be shown.
PositionConstraint Represents extension position constraints within single page place
SimpleCustomTab CustomTab implementation
SimplePageExtension Simple bean-like component for page extensions.
SimpleWebExtension Deprecated. see SimplePageExtension instead
ViewBuildTab Created by Nikita.Skvortsov Date: 2/13/13, 2:58 PM
ViewLogTab Creates and registers tab for Build Results pages

Enum Summary
WebPlace Deprecated. see PlaceId

Exception Summary
PluginException Base exception for all plugin related problems