Package jetbrains.buildServer.web.util

Interface Summary
ProjectHierarchyBean.BeanCreator<T extends ProjectHierarchyBean>  
TreeNode Tree node
WebUtil.ParameterFilter Query string parameters filter

Class Summary
ArtifactsWebUtil Contains the handy methods used to extract build and build type out of request path.
BuildTypesHierarchyBean Represents the helper bean class for a project with build types that knows its depth, hence allows to place them correctly in the web UI.
CameFromSupport This class is used to provide basic support of 'came from' functionality.
ColorerSyntaxHighlighter Highlights source code using JHighlight library.
FileNode A tree node that corresponds to a file (or a directory).
HTMLFormatter Utility class which is used to substitute text containing various links (http://, mailto:, ftp: and so on) with actual HTML link and line feeds with <br/> tag.
PageResourceCompressor CSS & JS
PathInfoProcessor This class splits path info string which has format /name1/value1/name2/value2/rest and returns values corresponding to names.
PathsListTreeNode Tree node implementation which constructs tree from the list of relative paths.
ProjectHierarchyBean Represents the helper bean class for a project that knows its depth, hence allows to place it correctly in the web UI.
ProjectHierarchyTreeBean User: linfar Date: 3/23/13
RegExpTextTransformer This class provides facility to process text with configurable rexexp patterns
SessionUser Utility class which can be used to obtain currently authenticated User from session.
SourceFormatter Source code formatting utility
WebAuthUtil Utility class used to process AccessDeniedException.
WebContext Represents the web context with (possibly) resolved current project.
WebContextResolver Resolves the WebContext by the JspContext, trying to find current project or build type among attributes or parameters.
WebUtil Utility class containing various useful methods for web controllers