Package jetbrains.vcs.api

Interface Summary
ChangeData This interface represents a change collected from the repository.
VcsGenericService Marker interface for generic Vcs operations, which are not bound to a particular repository
VcsRemoteService Marker interface used for VcsService and VcsGenericService to mark this interface supports execution via Vcs-Worker and client library.
VcsService This is a marker interface for all services associated with (VcsSettings).
VcsServiceFactory Basic factory which provides implementations for different Vcs services
VcsServiceProvider Base interface to contain commonly used methods to access Vcs services.

Class Summary
VcsSettings This entity contains: Vcs plugin name Access parameters for version control server (in VcsRoot) checkout rules

Annotation Types Summary
VcsCacheable Annotation that is used to mark methods that return value which does not change from call-to-call (for same parameters).