Package jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide

Interface Summary
AgentDescription Represents agent parameters required to check agent and build configuration compatibility
Branch Represents a build branch
BranchFilter Created 19.08.13 17:23
BuildAgentManager Provides an ability to operate TeamCity agents.
BuildCustomizer This class can be used to create and/or add custom builds to the queue.
BuildDataFilter Interface for filtering build.
BuildHistory Provides ability to operate with TeamCity finished builds.
BuildNumbers Information about build numbers attached to build configuration.
BuildPromotion Contains information necessary to reproduce a build.
BuildPromotionOwner Holds a build promotion.
BuildQueue Presents information about builds are currently in the queue.
BuildRunnerDescriptor Build runner descriptor.
BuildRunnerDescriptorFactory Factory for SBuildRunnerDescriptor
BuildServerListener Generic TeamCity server listeners.
BuildStartContext Context of parameters that will be send to the build agent to start the build.
BuildStartContextProcessor Extension point to update parameters of a build before it is started on a build agent
BuildStatistics Presents information about build result: failed, passed and ignored tests, compilation errors, duration time.
BuildTypeIdentity Base interface for build template and build configurations, containing only identifiers and related things.
BuildTypeOptions Contains constants for build configuration options.
BuildTypeSettings Contains build configuration settings
BuildTypeTemplate Build configuration template.
CachePaths Interface to get a cache directory by name
CompatibilityResult Represents result of the compatibility between a build configuration and an agent
ConfigAction User or system action causing changes in TeamCity configuration files
ControlDescription Provides description of control for rendering
CriticalErrors Maintains list of critical errors that must be shown on every page.
CustomDataStorage Holds custom data values
CustomSettings Represents a custom server-side settings storage.
CustomSettingsManager Represents the manager of the CustomSettingss.
DataCleaner Deprecated. use CleanupExtension instead
DownloadedArtifacts Represents information about downloaded artifact.
DownloadedArtifactsLogger Tracks downloaded artifacts.
FailedTestOutputFormatter Extension point for providing custom logic for a test stacktrace formatting.
InheritableUserParametersHolder Represents parameters holder with inheritance of parameters.
LicensingPolicy Provides information about current licensing policy.
LVcsRootInstanceHolder There are a number of objects in the system that may generate VcsRootInstances that are involved in VCS operations.
LVcsStatusLogger Created 26.08.13 16:39
MainConfigProcessor This interface can be implemented to save/load custom configurations in main-config.xml
MessageProcessor Processes build messages.
MessageProcessorFactory Allows to register custom message processors on the server side.
Parameter Parameter set for the build configuration, or the specified build parameter.
ParameterResolverServerProvider Interface for all server-side parameters resolvers providers To add your parameter resolver, implement in the interface and instantiate the class, it will automatically be detected an used for creating parameter resolvers on server.
ParametersDescriptor Represents parameters of some type.
ParametersPreprocessor This interface allows to register some preprocessors for run and build parameters right before running build on the build agent.
PatchMapLogger Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
PersonalBuildManager Provides information about personal builds.
ProjectVcsRoots Created 22.08.13 10:43
PropertiesProcessor Implement to apply aditional validation on parameters specified by user.
ProvidedArtifacts Represents information about provided artifact.
ReadOnlyUserParameters provides access to user-defined parameters
ResolvedSettings Represents build configuration settings with parameter references resolved.
RunningBuildsManager Provides various information about currently running builds.
RunTypeInfo Created 11.03.13 14:17
RunTypePerProjectRegistry RunType registry that associates run type with a project.
RunTypeRegistry Registry for all available RunTypes (each RunType represent a particular build runner) registered on the TeamCity server.
RunTypesProvider Provides access to registered run types
SBuild Server-side instance of a build.
SBuildAgent Represents agent on the server side.
SBuildFeatureDescriptor Represents BuildFeature parameters.
SBuildRunnerDescriptor Represents build runner settings in a build configuration, can be obtained from SBuildType.
SBuildServer This is one of the core components of the TeamCity server-side support.
SBuildType This class represents TeamCity build configuration on the server-side.
ServerListener Generic server listener providing most common events
SettingsMap Provides the interface for the key-value storage (both are Strings).
SFinishedBuild Finished build object.
SourceVersionProvider Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
SPersistentEntity Represents an entity which configuration can be write to a configuration file.
SProject Represents a server side project
SProject.ProjectUpdater Object which updates some project aspect.
SQLRunner Helper interface to perform sql operations.
SQLRunner.NoResultSQLAction Deprecated. since 9.0: use SQLRunner.runSql(SQLRunner.NoResultSQLAction)
SQLRunner.SQLAction<T> Deprecated. since 9.0: use SQLRunner.runSql(SQLRunner.NoResultSQLAction)
SQueuedBuild Build in the queue object.
SRunnerContext Represents context of a single build step on the server side.
SRunningBuild Running build interface, contains information specific for running build.
STest Represents a single test in a project, provides information about responsibility.
STestRun Represents a single test run (execution) in a particular build.
TeamCityProperties.Model Represents properties access model.
TextStatusBuilder User: kir This ServerExtension allows to customize text status line of the build, i.e.
TimeInterval Represents a time interval defined by two TimePoint objects.
TimePoint Represents a time point with providing the relative time counted from some time base which depends on a particular service producing TimePoint objects (usually the time base is the moment of object creation).
TriggeredBy Contains detailed information about who added build in queue and with what parameters.
TriggeredByProcessor Extension which accepts parsed triggered by field and transforms it to a text which can be shown in the UI.
UserAuthSettingsPluginsRegistry Registry for authentication plugins those provide additional user settings on user profile page.
UserForm Provide current information about the user that is being edited/created.
UserGroupForm Provide current information about the user group that is being edited/created.
UserGroupPropertyValidator Validates group property.
UserParametersHolder Holds user defined parameters.
UserPropertyValidator Validates user property.
VcsConnectionStatus Created 21.08.13 16:45
VcsStatusLogger Created 21.08.13 14:37
VcsStatusProvider Collects success / failure statuses for VCS roots in build configurations.
VersionedSettingsRegistry Registry of project config files to be committed in version control.

Class Summary
AgentCompatibility Presents information about compatibility the given agent with the specified configuration.
BaseParameter Created by Eugene Petrenko ( Date: 26.01.12 13:07
BaseProfilePluginInfo<PropertyInfoType extends BasePropertyInfo>  
BasePropertiesModel Created 27.02.13 21:50
BuildEstimates Holds data that describes estimates for a queued build.
BuildFeature Represents a kind of a plugin that provides some functionality around a build.
BuildMetric A named build metric.
BuildRevision Represents version control server revision checked out for a VCS Root for a build
BuildServerAdapter A helper for writing BuildServerListeners.
BuildTypeComparator This comparator sorts build configurations by taking projects hierarchy into account.
CompositePropertiesModel Created 29.04.13 11:33
CopyOptions These options control how build configuration and project related data is copied.
DataItem Represents some project data item, see ProjectDataFetcher.
FailedTestOutputBean Represents the set of a test failure info
FileWatchingPropertiesModel Provides implementation of TeamCityProperties model that encapsulates check of user-provided file.
ProjectComparator A project comparator that takes into account the hierarchy: parent projects must precede children.
ProjectCopyParameters Project copying parameters.
RepositoryVersion Represents VCS repository version
ResponsibilityInfo A simple ResponsibilityEntry implementation.
ResponsibilityInfoData This class contains all necessary information to be sent via XmlRpc to remote client about TeamCity responsibility info
RunType Runner presentation on the server side.
RunTypeBase Base interface for RunType and RunTypeExtension
RunTypeExtension Extension for build configuration runner edit/view pages.
RunTypeWithExtensions Wrapper class used for all registered RunType intances.
SAXBasedDataFetcher Base class for data fetchers retrieving data from single XML file.
ServerListenerAdapter Created 02.10.12 15:24
ServerPaths Provides information about TeamCity server working paths locations.
SimpleParameter Simple parameter
StartupConfiguration Represents parameters given to the TeamCity on startup.
StatisticsBuildMetric This is a build metric which is based on statistics values published in TeamCity DB.
TagData Represent tag-related data including label, private/public flag, owner and creator (for public tags) Public tags are visible in UI, private tags are used by special services, e.g.
TeamCityProperties Encapsulates the access to internal properties.
TestComparisonFailureBean Provides information on test comparison failure.
TestFailureInfo Deprecated. in 9.0, use STestRun.getFullText() instead
TestGroup This class was created to represent a group of tests.
TestGroupName This class represents a name for a group of tests.
TextStatusBuilderUtil Utility class to be used from TextStatusBuilder
TreeHierarchyComparator<T> Abstract comparator that takes into account tree-like hierarchy: - parents must precede children - ordering between nodes on the same depth is defined by TreeHierarchyComparator.compareOnSameDepth(Object, Object)
TriggeredByBuilder Builder which can be used to store some relevant information in triggered by field of a build.
UnknownRunType Represents an unknown type of runner.
UnknownRunTypeWithExtensions Created 30.04.13 19:13
UserGroupProfilePluginInfo Describes information about plugin that provides some user group properties to be edited on user group profile page.
UserGroupPropertyInfo Describes property of the group which correspond to some plugin and can be edited on the group settings page (in the corresponding plugin section).
UserProfilePluginInfo Describes information about plugin that provides some user properties to be edited on user profile page.
UserPropertyInfo Describes property of the user which correspond to some plugin and can be edited on the user settings page (in the corresponding plugin section).
WebLinks This helper creates links to different TeamCity pages.

Enum Summary
BuildAgentManager.RunConfigurationPolicy Policies to check if the is allowed to run the configuration.
BuildFeature.PlaceToShow Location of build feature settings in UI
BuildStatistics.Order Order for BuildStatistics.getTests(jetbrains.buildServer.messages.Status, jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.BuildStatistics.Order) call
CleanupLevel Specifies what data should be cleaned by a cleanup rule.
CopyOptions.Option Different copy options that specifies the behaviour of the copy procedure.

Exception Summary
AgentCannotBeRemovedException Thrown on attempt to remove agent which currently cannot be removed
CyclicDependencyException Thrown on attempt to create a project that produces a cycle in project dependencies
DuplicateBuildTypeIdException Thrown on attempt to add build configuration with duplicate id
DuplicateIdException Thrown on attempt to register an object with duplicate id
InvalidIdentifierException Thrown when the given string identifier doesn't meet some rules.
InvalidNameException Thrown when the given name doesn't meet some rules.
NotAllIdentifiersMappedException Thrown when the given string identifier doesn't meet some rules.
PersistFailedException Thrown if some object failed to persist