Interface BuildLog

All Superinterfaces:
BuildLogReader, BuildLogWriter, FlowHierarchy, MessagesState

public interface BuildLog
extends BuildLogReader, BuildLogWriter, FlowHierarchy

BuildLog allows to write and read log messages. Messages can be written until BuildLogWriter.close() method is invoked. Usually this happens when build is finishing. Messages can be read at any time.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.buildLog.MessagesState
Method Summary getMainLogFile()
          Primary log file which contains messages of the log.
 java.lang.String getSizeEstimate()
          Returns a human-readable string containing approx.
 long getSizeEstimateAsLong()
          Returns an approx.
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getCurrentPath, getDefaultFilteredMessages, getErrorMessages, getFilteredMessages, getLastMessageTimestamp, getMessages, getMessagesIterator, getVerboseIterator, isClosed
Methods inherited from interface jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.buildLog.BuildLogWriter
close, flush
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closeBlock, closeProgressBlock, dropProgressText, error, error, getCurrentProgressText, getLastBlockMessage, getLastMessage, message, message, message, openBlock, openBlock, openBlock, openProgressBlock, openProgressBlock, progressMessage, progressMessage
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flowFinished, flowIdToInt, flowStarted, getFlowWithChildren, getParentFlow

Method Detail


java.lang.String getSizeEstimate()
Returns a human-readable string containing approx. build log size.

approx. build log size as string


long getSizeEstimateAsLong()
Returns an approx. build log size.

approx. build log size as long

getMainLogFile getMainLogFile()
Primary log file which contains messages of the log. This file MUST NOT be used to read or write messages, but only as a reference on where the log is stored. The build log also has may have an index file, stored nearby this messages log file.

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