Interface DataProcessor

    • Method Detail

      • getType

        java.lang.String getType()
        Get unique data processor id (type). i.e. 'FxCopInspections', 'IdeaInspections', 'JUnit' etc. The same string as passed through service message ##teamcity[importData type='<id>' path='<file>']
        data processor id (type)
      • processData

        void processData​(@NotNull
                         DataProcessorContext context)
                  throws java.lang.Exception
        Process data from a given file. Meanwhile calling thread can be terminated by calling interrupt() on it. In case of processing big data you should check thread interruption state from time to time and exit or throw InterruptedException

        It is advised to use CurrentBuildTracker to get current build and build loggers, InspectionReporter to report inspections

        As your object will be created in a spring context, feel free to request other components through constructor parameters

        context - processing context
        java.lang.Exception - implementation is expected to throw some error that would be logged as build error message
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