Class ReferenceResolver

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    public class ReferenceResolver
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ParameterResolver
    Replaces all %parameter_name% strings in value (where "parameter_name" is found in parameters as key) for corresponding value from parameters. Only single pass is performed, nested references are not resolved.
    Yegor.Yarko Date: 04.06.2008
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      • ReferenceResolver

        public ReferenceResolver()
      • ReferenceResolver

        public ReferenceResolver​(boolean treatInvalidRefsAsResolved)
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      • resolve

        public ProcessingResult resolve​(@NotNull
                                        java.lang.String key,
                                        java.lang.String value,
                                        ParametersProvider parameters)
        Specified by:
        resolve in interface ParameterResolver
        the result of the resolution. If fullyResolved is false, it means that invocations of the same resolver with different set of parameters available can resolve the value further.