Class FirstTestsToRunProvider

  • public class FirstTestsToRunProvider
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Method Detail

      • isAvailable

        public boolean isAvailable()
      • getBuildVcsChanges

        public ChangedFiles getBuildVcsChanges()
      • getRecentlyFailedTestCases

        public java.util.List getRecentlyFailedTestCases()
        list of recently failed test classes.
      • getCorrespondingChange

        public VcsChange getCorrespondingChange​(java.lang.String className)
        Returns VcsChange object if the source file of the specified class name is new or modified.
        className - name of the class
        see above
      • sortTestClasses

        public void sortTestClasses​(java.util.List testClasses,
                                    FirstTestsToRunProvider.ClassObjectDescriptor classObjectDescriptor)
        Sorts test classes according by placing recently failed and modified tests at the top of the list. Order is: * Classes affected by personal vcs changes * Classes affected by other vcs changes * Classes with recently failed tests * All other classes
        testClasses - classes to sort
        classObjectDescriptor - describes class objects which should be sorted
      • isGroupIncluded

        public boolean isGroupIncluded​(java.lang.String groupName)